I cannot recommend Jason enough. He does excellent work, has a great attitude and is honest. You will be fortunate to have him as your contractor. Absolutely no problem with costing. He was always clear and accurate. Excellent service after the project as well.

Andrew A. Strauss
Attorney at Law
Strauss & Associates, PA

Jason and crew have just about finished my garage apartment, ahead of schedule.  I have been extremely satisfied with the process. The quality of work is excellent. All workers have been diligent and competent, and it is coming in under the estimate! Working with Jason has been a joy. He is easy to talk with, respectful of my ideas, helpful when I was bewildered, and very reliable. He is a person of much integrity. He and the crew are also a lot of fun. In short, the whole experience has been wonderful, even when we hit snags: he is terrific at solving problems.
I realize I am gushing a bit, but I am so pleased with the experience and the finished work. I highly recommend him.

Jeanne Rowan